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We invest in technology-based solutions for the healthcare sector.

We are a community of investors that make early-stage investments in promising startups that have the potential to transform healthcare. We help entrepreneurs build extraordinary companies, scale up and expand on new markets in order to improve the access to healthcare and medical assistance.


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Who we are

We are a community of dedicated investors with proven achievements in building thriving businesses in IT and healthcare. Our track record in management & leadership exceeds the European borders.

What we bring to the table

We offer our know how, network and management abilities through mentoring, coaching and guidance to take young companies to the next level.

We look for

… Tech Startups active in the healthcare industry that offer innovations in the medical and health care field (diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, access to services.)

… to partner up with other VC funds and invest together in companies

Our team

Young entrepreneurs have ideas that can solve pressing problems in healthcare with technology but lack the capital to bring their ideas to life. Cleverage is here to help them get the support they need in order to grow.

Cleverage’s five founding members are some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in IT and healthcare in the region, and they have committed to dedicating their time, expertise, and networks of experts to navigating the complex landscape of healthcare.

We partner up with like-minded investors to enhance the companies we invest in by bringing on collaborators, advisors, experts and venture partners in order to access new markets and opportunities. Together, we strive to make the world a better place.

Our venture partners

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

Our investments

Our regional approach

Our investment strategy is targeted primarily to early-stage investments in EU and UK, especially in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland.

Companies that want to expand in other geographies can count on our expertise.

Cleverage in the News

Articles & Press releases

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12 iul 2023

ZF IT Generation Summit 2023. Cum accelerăm dezvoltarea ecosistemului tech? „Joaca“ de-a evaluarea start-up-urilor s-a terminat şi începe discuţia reală despre produs şi client.

6 iul 2023

TOP 5 startup-uri românești de urmărit, alegerile lui Wargha Enayati (Cleverage VC)

15 iun 2023

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6 iun 2023

Our Venture Partners have a combined experience of more than 100 years in entrepreneurship and business management.