We are not competitive but cooperative

Our objective (towards investors) is to be consulted & to provide help and advice

What we do different?

We are deeply involved form day 1
We are part of the founders TEAM
We are part of the management
We are coaches
We are mentors
We are sales agents & market developers
We leverage our network as part of our commitment to help our portfolio founders
We connect to ecosystem players to help founders navigate the complex landscape of healthcare stakeholders. Locally, and, by bridging to European markets, methodologies, and KOLs.

How we leverage? clever

Mentoring/ management
Market access (internal / external)
Commercial policy (pricing/positioning)
Go to market (inhouse team/ partners)
Access to finance (enhance investors’ appetite/ trust)

We are not another VC

We started because we believe that we can change the healthcare start-ups world.

We invest exclusively in healthcare technology.
We invest in great ideas
We are excited by tech's potential to deliver clinical and economics outcomes.
We look for ways to create value across the care continuum and all specialties.
We invest in  sparkling & coachable teams with international ambitions

  • Our sweet spot is seed
  • We back bold entrepreneurs moved by unmet needs to transform healthcare, through the meaningful application of technology. ld entrepreneurs moved by unmet needs to transform healthcare, through the meaningful application of technology.

We invest only where we can make a difference
We believe local and Europe’s growing healthcare technology ecosystem  has global impact potential

We are a small core team augmented by a network of collaborators, advisors, and venture partners

Alexandru Popescu
Alexandru Popescu has extensive professional experience in management and in the healthcare field. He has held leading positions in several companies in the healthcare industry since 2002, with both national and regional responsibilities across Central and Eastern Europe, RCA & ME.

Among the others, Alexandru Popescu was Market Leader Health Systems for Philips Central and Eastern Europe, becoming the first Romanian to hold this position within the company. Three main elements that define his career are leadership, a modern view on management based on the concept of change, and his positive energy. Through previous functions that he held, but particularly within Philips, Alexandru Popescu has developed a participatory style of coordination, leading teams to achieve great performance through collaboration and commitment for common goals.

He was Vice President of NRCC ( Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce) for 2 years.

Alexandru Popescu graduated the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest and he has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.

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Georgios Sofianos
Georgios (George) Sofianos is a healthcare entrepreneur and CEO of SofMedica Group, an acknowledged provider of high-end medical technologies and premium healthcare services and infrastructure. The group is present in the healthcare environment in Europe since 1994, along with the incorporation of the company SofMedica in Romania.

George took over the helm of SofMedica in 1997 when he moved from Athens to Bucharest and, based on a solid family business culture and legacy on the one hand and his innovative spirit and unwavering passion on the other, he developed it into the nowadays group, with branches in five countries, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and, more recently Hungary, currently occupying a team of over 150 healthcare professionals. Among the highlights of his track record are the introduction of innovative life-saving technologies such as Robotically Assisted Surgery and the Artificial Heart in the region or the development of the largest independent network of dialysis clinics in the entire Europe.

George graduated from the School of Law, Economic & Political Sciences of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and being a keen learner, he continued his studies at Harvard Business School (PPL). Besides his mother tongue Greek, George speaks fluently English, German and Romanian. Also, as a firm believer in lifelong learning, George has created throughout the companies of the group various learning programs for all Team-members as well as for young graduates from Medical and Engineering Schools throughout the region and recently a scholarship program for medical students.

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Voicu Oprean
Voicu is the Founder & CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software and serial entrepreneur with investments in more than 20 start-ups, most of them in tech. 
He is also the President of Transilvania IT, the most important IT Cluster in Transilvania.
Voicu has an EMBA from Wu Wien and he completed the President's Program in Leadership at Harvard Business School and London Business School.

His winning formula is [IQ+ EQ+TQ+BQ] to the power of CQ
IQ – Speed learning
EQ - Emotional intelligence
TQ - People on top of Technology
BQ - Be quick
CQ - Creativity

In 1998, Voicu started AROBS Transilvania Software with a small team of 10 colleagues. Today, the company is one of the very few 100% Romanian capital companies that expanded internationally. Almost 1000 colleagues work remote or in our offices in Romania, Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Voicu is 6 times finisher of IronMan international competitions.

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Sergiu Negut
Sergiu is a reputed entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker and lecturer at Maastricht School of Management. He has a positive track record of business growth in different roles (adviser, board member, angel investor, manager) and across different industries (healthcare, IT&C, financial services, HR, consulting). 

Commited to build powerful teams and backed by a broad experience in business development, including M&A & startups, Sergiu co-founded FintechOS, a company that deploys its technology in more than 20 markets on 4 continents and is backed by some of the most reputable VCs in Europe. 

Sergiu is a proud INSEAD MBA alumnus, following undergrads from UPB (Computer Science) and ASE (REI)

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Wargha Enayati
A doctor and health entrepreneur for 25 years, Dr. Wargha Enayati is the founder of the Regina Maria Private Network and of Enayati Medical City, the first medical city in Romania, which includes an integrated oncology hospital, a geriatric and recovery hospital, the largest outpatient clinic with 60 offices and a residential center for the elderly.

He laid the foundations of the private health system in Romania. In 1995 he founded what would become the Unirea Medical Center, and later the Regina Maria health services network. In 2015, he retired from the shareholding of the Regina Maria network. In 2016, he re-entered the medical services market, becoming the main shareholder in Intermedicas, a medical concierge and second opinion company, and in MedicHub - a medical communication company. In 2017, he bought for MedicHub the magazine Viața Medicală - the most important specialist publication in Romania- and launched Enayati Medical City. In 2018 Dr Enayati became a shareholder of Docbook (the first doctor's appointment application) and the Medijobs medical recruitment platform.

In 2010 he founded the Regina Maria Foundation for Social Innovation, dedicated to providing medical services and education to disadvantaged people, including those without income, those not insured within the state system and children from deprived backgrounds. In 2019, together with other renowned doctors, Dr Enayati launched the Association of Independent Physicians as a network of clinics and offices, which aims at integrated patient care.

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