About us

Young entrepreneurs have ideas to solve pressing problems in healthcare with technology but lack the capital to bring their ideas to life.

Cleverage is here to help them get the support they need in order to grow.

Cleverage’s founding members are some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in IT and healthcare in the region, and they have committed to dedicating their time, expertise, and networks of experts to navigating the complex landscape of healthcare.

We partner up with like-minded investors to strengthen the companies we invest in by bringing on collaborators, advisors, experts, and venture partners to access new markets and opportunities. Together, we strive to make the world a better place.

Our Team

Our Venture Partners have a combined experience of more than 100 years in entrepreneurship and business management.
Sergiu Neguț

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Director

Our investments target

Companies we invest in develop innovative products and solutions that go beyond the traditional ones and are expected to be fundamental to the future of health technology. Our goal is to find startups that have developed a product and are ready to go to market and win their first clients. 

Assessing businesses

Our key criteria for evaluating investment opportunities:

A strong team

A key factor in our investment process is the startup’s founder team. Creative and ambitious founders, (ideally) with proven business experience are a warrant of success in our books, sometimes more than the idea itself. We look for founders that understand that “growth is the name of the game” and can demonstrate ambitious plans of rapid growth and expansion.

Innovative Product

We are backing startups with the ability to scale and with a strong value proposition and transformative business models which boost access to care, make better care quality and lower costs.

Proof of concept

At this stage, companies are not yet profitable. In fact, many of them have not even begun to generate revenue. In which case, you need to find a way to convince us that consumers have a need or a strong desire for what you’re selling.

Market size

We want to see that the product or service is serving a large market, be it a local market, national or regional.

Investment tickets

Our sweet spot is to invest seed capital between 200k EUR and 500k EUR in selected businesses, but we can also invest pre-seed capital of up to 200k EUR or even Series A investments, between 500 si 700k EUR.

Support for growth

We are a flexible minority investor, and our holdings are of up to 10% of the company.

We are also an active investor, and we get involved in the company’s growth strategy and support the founders’ efforts to secure access to clients, new geographies, and markets.


We invest in EUROPE and UK, especially in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland.