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The world’s most advanced, AI-enabled digital twin of the heart for image-guided ablations

Country: France

Founders: Jean-Marc Peyrat

Investment date: April 2024

Status: Portfolio company


FindMeCure helps patients access the treatments of the future by supporting them in finding and applying for clinical trials. At the same time, the company helps the clinical research industry to plan successful clinical trials

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Maya Zlatanova, Miroslav Valchev, Ivaylo Yosifov

Investment date: January 2023

Status: Portfolio company


LANGaware is a pioneering company that leverages AI technology to revolutionize cognitive and mental health diagnostics. By utilizing speech analysis and proprietary voice and speech biomarkers, LANGaware provides early and objective detection of conditions, enabling more effective treatments, reducing healthcare burdens, and improving overall well-being.

Country: US, Greece

Founder: Dr. Vassiliki Rentoumi

Investment date: August 2023

Status: portfolio company


KARDI AI Technologies s.r.o., established in 2022, aims to introduce an affordable diagnostic solution to the market, providing patients with a tool for heart health care that reduces the necessity for frequent doctor visits. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence, the company offers long-term continuous monitoring of patients’ ECG, detecting arrhythmias and sharing comprehensive records, including clearly processed results, with attending physicians.

Country: Czech Republic

Founder: Dr. Tomáš Skála, Stephen Burke

Investment date: November 2023

Status: portfolio company

Rayscape (exXvision)

Digital assistant that provides radiologists Artificial Intelligence tools and algorithms for better decision making.

Country: Romania

Founders: Stefan Iarca, Cristian Avramescu, Bogdan-Alexandru Bercean, Andrei Tenescu

Investment date: March 2020, June 2021, January 2022

Status: portfolio company 


RepsMate is an AI & Data Analytics Start-up that analyzes customers’ needs & behavior

Country: Romania

Founders: Alin Rosca, George Tarida

Investment date: May 2021, July 2022

Status: portfolio company 


Limitless Medical Imaging – Enabling organizations to build the next generation of medical imaging workflows

Country: Romania, USA

Founders: Mircea Popa, Alexandru Artimon, Andrei Blaj, Andreea Udrea, George Mitra, Dragos Costea

Investment date: March 2021, September 2021

Status: portfolio company 


The first personalized nutrition service in Romania, specializing in providing quality nutritional supplements.

Country: Romania

Founders: Alexandra Stroe, Iulia Ghita

Investment date: July 2023

Status: portfolio company 


Automated tumor and organs-at-risk contouring software for radiotherapy treatment planning

Country: Romania

Founders: Dragos Duse, Roxana Sabau, Diana Andritchi, Mihai Cata

Investment date: May 2021, April 2023

Status: portfolio company 


Wellness platform, focused on creating the most comprehensive health changing packages, delivering medical, fitness and nutrition subscriptions to both B2B and B2C clients.

Country: Romania

Founder: Andrei Vasile

Investment date: May 2020, May 2021

Status: exited. Cleverage sold its stake to MedLife, together with the founders and co-investors

Exit year:  September 2022


Limitless AI-powered voice solutions for healthcare

Country: Romania

Founders: Claudiu Pandaru, Alex Livadaru, Alex Tepes

Investment date: December 2022

Status: portfolio company

Medic Chat 

App and platform that provides easy access to specialist doctors for health advice

Country: Romania

Founders: Dr. Emilian Rădoi și Cosmin Dumitrache.

Investment date: October 2021

Status: portfolio company 


Research platform that collects, standardizes, and analyzes real-world data in oncology with the aim to empower cancer centers, clinicians and life sciences companies with deep actionable insights in order to accelerate research and optimize treatment.

Country: Romania

Founders: Mădălin-Marius Margan, Roxana Margan, Radu Georoceanu

Investment date: April 2021

Status: portfolio company 


Software company that focuses on delivering cutting edge technology to hospitals and private practices in order to support them during their consultations and reduce the time spent on filling in patients forms.

Investment date: April 2021

Country: Legal Latvia (Romanian market)

Founders: Wanda Fiat, Adrian Cuzman

Investment date: April 2021

Status: portfolio company 


Online platform of resources in education and professional development that provides access to the best doctor-speakers around the world and the latest technologies world-wide.

Country: Romania

Founder: Catalin Balog-Bellu

Investment date: June 2022

Status: portfolio company 


VoxiClinic is the first digital clinic dedicated to speech therapy, offering a selection of high-value materials, online and in-office speech therapy as well as management tools that streamline the collaboration between parent and therapist, with the common goal of assisting the child’s recovery and integrating them into the pre-school and school environments.

Country: Romania

Founders: Ana Maria Onica, Cristian Baita, Adrian Enache

Investment date: April 2021, February 2023

Status: portfolio company 

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