We create synergies among our portfolios

Our objective is to to facilitate access to market for health tech companies

We started with the vision that data, networks, and other digital and deep technologies will be able to deliver meaningful outcomes and insight for improving health and the provision of care.

We see our sweet spot at pre seed & seeding founders who are combining thoroughly understanding of the complex network of healthcare system participants with relevant innovation, advanced data science, and information technology-enabled products and services. We look for pre and seed founders determined to effectively and efficiently serve these participants on the local market and European continent, and internationally.


We invest in local and European companies as well as in selected non-european companies with ties to Europe. Wherever they are, our goal is to help founders ready their companies to raise series A capital, and to access international markets.


We understand the complex world of healthcare

We invest exclusively in healthcare technology

We believe in power of mentorship

We are pre, seed and series A
We are 50-250K ticket size

We invest in great ideas

We are CEE but we want to be pan European


We have partnered with extraordinary founders

Our collaboration with Cleverage VC has definitely been an incredible experience from the early beginnings. We had the chance to meet Alexandru in several occasions and we were truly impressed about how knowledgeable he was regarding the medical ecosystem. We are very grateful for having him on board, and I’m sure that our collaboration will bring a lot of value both to our company, but also to the entire healthcare system.
Roxana Margan

Co-founder Oncochain

Cleverage VC is more than an investor for us. They are a trusted partner, a glue for the medtech startup ecosystem, a business developing arm and a very experienced advisor in the medical field. Having them on our side as an early investor, instantly attracted foreign venture capital funds on our way.
Wanda Fiat

Co-founder & CEO MediNav

Cleverage has proven to be a real partner in our endeavours to reach relevant people in the healthcare industry, especially in our early stages when it's important for a startup to receive more than just money from investors
Mircea Popa

Co-founder & CEO MedicAI

We are so glad to be back-up by Cleverage VC, they're validation came as a recognition of the effort that we as a team put into Voxi. But more importantly, is that the people behind Cleverage VC are people you can talk to easily and opened to help with their expertise. We are sure that they will have a significant impact on the business growth.
AnaMaria Onică

Co-founder & CEO VoxiKids

Since we are technical founders, we highly value Cleverage's support due to their significant healthcare know-how and relevant international network. What we appreciate most is the open communication, along with their supportive, encouraging attitude, focusing on the opportunity and potential, rather than the possibility of failure. We highly appreciate this mindset in an investor, and we are excited to be backed by them.
Emilian Radoi

Founder @ Medic Chat

The collaboration with the Cleverage VC investment fund went smoothly. We have discovered people who are capable, relevant in the medical field, eager to help start-ups in the same field, who aim to use the power given by technology to do good. Thank you for your support, SanoPass will certainly not disappoint!
Delia Iliasa

Managing Partner SanoPass

We are delighted with the confidence shown, once again, by the investing community at Cleverage VC. I am delighted to have developed an industry validated business model. We want to contribute significantly to the digitalization of all medical prevention services, being convinced that this way we will facilitate the development of the general state of health in Eastern Europe, and without Cleverage help this would not have been possible.
Andrei Vasile

Managing Partner SanoPass

An investment is not just about the money, it's about the people behind them and their level of engagement. We have chosen Cleverage as a co-investing partner based on their fair, straightforward, yet flexible investment approach. But also because of their expertise and network which can prove to be an extremely helpful partnering effort, on our mission to expand into the EEC Markets. We are looking forward to having such a knowledge-rich partner help us grow to our full potential.
Alin Rosca

CEO @ RepsMate

When starting XVision, our team expected a lot of hurdles along the way due to the specifics of the healthcare domain. Reality has proven to be harsher than our most pessimistic expectations. Having investors with knowledge in the area can be a crucial asset when embarking on such a journey.
The Cleverage team has helped us a ton. Their openness and know-how have helped us overcome many difficulties. The intros they provided by leveraging their network presented us with great monetisation and scaling opportunities and the follow-on implication they had increased our chances of success.
On short: Cleverage is a great partner to have when building a healthcare startup!
Stefan Iarca

CEO Xvision

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