Wargha Enayati

Wargha Enayati

Managing Partner

Dr. Wargha Enayati, cardiologist and healthcare entrepreneur, laid the foundations of the private health system in Romania.

In 1995 he founded Centrul Medical Unirea that later became Regina Maria – The Private Healthcare Network, the leading medical services company in Romania. In 2021, dr Enayati launched Enayati Medical City, the first medical city in Romania, which includes an integrated oncology hospital, a geriatric and recovery hospital, the largest outpatient clinic with 60 offices and a residential center for the elderly. His entrepreneurship interest was always to support the healthcare system, with the goal to support young innovative startups. His investment portfolio includes: Concierge Medical Clinic (ex Intermedicas), a medical concierge and second opinion company, MedicHub, a medical communication company which later integrated “Viața Medicală” magazine – the most important specialized publication in Romania, Docbook, the first doctor’s appointment application and Medijobs, a medical recruitment platform. In 2019, together with other renowned doctors, Dr. Enayati launched the Association of Independent Physicians as a network of clinics and offices, which aims at integrated patient care.

In 2010, Wargha Enayati founded Regina Maria Foundation for Social Innovation, dedicated to providing medical services and education to disadvantaged people.

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